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Carefree and Premium cancellation insurance and travel insurance cover

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Travel data

When does your trip begin and end?

Any insurance policy that includes travel cancellation insurance must be concluded within three working days (Monday to Saturday) of booking the trip. If taken out at a later date, insurance cover is only in place under travel cancellation insurance for events that take place from the tenth day after insurance is taken out (‘qualifying period’). Insurance cover only starts once the premium has been paid. Please note that insurance can be taken out within 30 days of booking travel, but no later.

Who is travelling?


Upload a list of the persons to be insured, then you need not manually fill in the fields at this stage and at the personal data section in the third booking step.
To the Import Function

Import Function

  • Open an Excel spreadsheet (file ending: .xls or .xlsx) or download our sample spreadsheet.
  • Fill out the spreadsheet as described in the example below and store this in your computer.
  • Please use "HMRV" to name the spreadsheet.
  • Click here "Search" and attach the file created.
Example for 3 Persons:
Number Mr. / Ms. / Child First Name Last Name Date of Birth
1 Mr. Max Mustermann 26.03.1950
2 Ms. Maxi Mustermann 13.07.1990
3 Ms. Erika Mustermann 18.04.1949
Where are you travelling to?
How much does your trip cost?

Please give here all price components including all charges.

If your booking documents only give the total price
If your booking documents give the price per person