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Insurance cover for foreign guest groups

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Travel data

When does your stay begin and end?

The longest duration for this package is 1 year.

The application for an insurance contract may be made at any time. It must be concluded for the total remaining period of the stay in Germany. The waiting time is 31 days. The general waiting times are calculated from the commencement of insurance. The general waiting time does not apply if the application is made within 31 days of arrival. The waiting time also does not apply to accidents or to medical interventions to avert an acute danger to your life.

  • First date of travel: Date when you first entered Germany.
  • Commencement of insurance: Date when your insurance cover starts (may be after your first date of travel)
  • End of insurance cover / date of departure: Date on which you are leaving Germany. The leaving date is also the end of the insurance cover.

Please note that you may only take out foreign travel insurance for a maximum of 5 years, including prior insurance with another insurer. The insurance cover is for a temporary stay in Germany. You do not intend to stay in Germany for a longer period or on a permanent basis. For this type of insurance, the law allows a maximum insurance period of 60 months (taking similar contracts into account, including contracts with other insurers).

Who is to be insured?

Who is eligible for cover?
We insure groups of foreign nationals consisting of at least three persons travelling together, up to their 65th birthday. They must also be foreign nationals who have a permanent residence abroad. The length of their stay in Germany must not exceed one year.

Upload a list of the persons to be insured, then you need not manually fill in the fields at this stage and at the personal data section in the third booking step.
To the Import Function

Import Function

  • Please open an Excel spreadsheet (file extension .xls or .xlsx) or download our sample spreadsheet.
  • Fill in the spreadsheet as described in the example below and save it locally on your computer.
  • Please use the official two-digit country code to indicate your home country, e.g. DE for Germany.
  • Please enter one of the following insurable travel purposes:
    • VACATION for holiday / visit
    • SCIENCE for science, research, teaching, further education
    • STUDENT_GOV for students at public higher education institutions
    • STUDENT_GOV for students at private higher education institutions
    • BUSINESS for expats, business travellers, freelancers
    • PUPIL for au pair, student exchange, language school, work & travel
    • SEASONAL_WORKER for harvest/ seasonal workers
  • Please enter the address data of the insured persons.
  • Please name the worksheet in the Excel file "HMRV".
  • Click on "Browse" and attach the created file.
Example for 3 Persons:
Number Mr. / Ms. / Child First Name Last Name Date of Birth Home Country Purpose of travel Street House number Postcode Town/city Country
1 Mr. Max Mustermann 26.03.1950 DE VACATION Teststrasse 1 12345 Testhausen DE
2 Ms. Maxi Mustermann 13.07.1990 FR STUDENT_GOV Rue de Goal 4 1234 Marseille FR
3 Ms. Erika Mustermann 18.04.1949 ES SEASONAL_WORKER Isac Peral 39 1234 Can Picafort ES

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