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Young Travel - Travel cover for young persons for up to 5 years spent abroad in Germany

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Travel data

When does your stay begin and end?

The application for conclusion of your travel insurance can be submitted at any time. It must be made for the entire remaining duration of the stay in the Federal Republic of Germany. The general qualifying period is 31 days. This is calculated from the contract inception. The qualifying period does not apply if the application is made within 31 days of arrival. The qualifying period also does not apply to accidents and for help from physicians in order to avoid acute risk to life.

Who is to be insured?

Who can take out insurance?
Anyone up to the age of 35 years travelling to the Federal Republic of Germany temporarily as au-pairs, students, language students, university students, recipients of scholarships, or doctoral scholarships, participants and work&travel programs to carry out further education measures, to the extent that they have a foreign nationality and a permanent residence abroad.