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Travel cover for seasonal workers in the agriculture and forestry sectors for up to 91 days

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Important Note: For contract extensions or terminations due to an early departure, please contact your agent.

Travel data

When does your stay begin and end?

Application for conclusion of an insurance policy is possible within 14 days of entry into the Federal Republic of Germany. Proof of the date of entry is to be provided on request. The conclusion is no longer possible after expiry of the deadline of 14 days.

Who is to be insured?

Persons who are staying temporarily in Germany as seasonal workers.

Upload a list of the persons to be insured, then you need not manually fill in the fields at this stage and at the personal data section in the third booking step.
To the Import Function

Import Function

  • Open an Excel spreadsheet (file ending: .xls or .xlsx) or download our sample spreadsheet.
  • Fill out the spreadsheet as described in the example below and store this in your computer.
  • In disclosing the place of residence, please use the official, two-character country abbreviation, e.g. DE for Germany.
  • Please use "HMRV" to name the spreadsheet.
  • Click here "Search" and attach the file created.
Example for 3 Persons:
Number Mr. / Ms. / Child First Name Last Name Date of Birth Place of Residence
1 Mr. Max Mustermann 26.03.1950 DE
2 Ms. Maxi Mustermann 13.07.1990 FR
3 Ms. Erika Mustermann 18.04.1949 ES