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Travel data

When is your insurance cover to commence?

You can take out annual travel cancellation insurance at any time and it applies to all trips that you book within a year of taking out insurance. For all trips that have been booked after the conclusion of the contract, insurance cover shall start once the premium has been paid. For trips already booked, travel cancellation insurance cover is in place for all trips you have booked a maximum of 30 days before taking out insurance. If there are fewer than 30 days between the travel booking and the start of the trip, annual travel cancellation insurance must be taken out no later than the third working day after the travel booking.

Who is to be insured?

The price of this insurance depends on age (up to 64 or over 65 years of age). The entry age when the policy begins is decisive for the amount of the initial premium.

For the family tariff please register all children under 21 years of age. You can select the family tariff for a maximum of two adults and all your own children who are resident in Germany, as well as other children who live in your own household.

Note: two adults can also conclude the family tariff together.

Child = up to the 21st birthday (at the time the cover is taken out)
Which tariff would you like?
When do I select individual person?

Take out an individual policy if you often travel by yourself.

When do I select family?

Opt for the low cost family tariff if you are resident in Germany and are

  • one or two adults with a child or children (under 21 years of age),
  • or are two adults

For tariffs with return travel coverage:
if a family member travels alone, the sum insured is 50% of the agreed family insurance amount.

What is the maximum price of your trip?

Please give the price of your most expensive trip. If you give a lower price here, a trip with a higher travel price will only be proportionately insured up to the price given by you.

€ per person per trip
€ per family per trip